1814 Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta by Carl Frederik von Breda (Nationalmuseum - Stockhom, Sweden)

The sunset is appropriate. When her husband Karl XIII died in 1818, his dynasty passed with him and the Bernadotte family was brought in.

This is a high resolution image from Czech Wikipedia. Most versions of this portrait are blurred, probably to obscure cracked paint. High resolution can reveal spots and paint cracks as happened in this case. The flaws were fixed with Photoshop. Also posted to Queen of Sweden Hedvig-Elisabeth-Charlotta’s new Subalbum here.

1814 Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta by Carl Frederik von Breda (Nationalmuseum - Stockhom, Sweden) Wm despot

Charlotta appears to be wearing a partlet over a chemise, probably under thin straps that hold up her bodice in this 1814 portrait.

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