1876 Princess Beatrice CDV

From eBay; fixed left edge and removed two dark blotches and some other flaws from her right sleeve and removed the strong monocolor tint. Also posted to her Subalbum here.

1876 Princess Beatrice CDV eBay fixed l. edge detint

This is a close up of Princess Beatrice wearing the dress seen in this image.

Keywords:  1876, W. & D. Downey, Princess Beatrice of Britain, Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom, Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, Beatrice von Großbritannien und Irland, Princess Henry of Battenberg, Welf family, Battenberg-Mountbatten family, Princess, British, straight coiffure, braided bun, chemisette, high neckline, ruff, long under-sleeves, bustle, buttons, long close over-sleeves, cuffs, close skirt, necklace, bracelets

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