1904 Julia Carew in profile by ?

From eBay; filled in shadows, increased exposure, and removed monocolor tint. Also posted to Baroness Julia Mary Carew’s new Subalbum here.

1904 Julia Carew in profile by ? eBay shadows inc. exp. detint

Lady Carew’s dress has a partial lace bertha that matches her under-sleeves. The dress appears to have a mildly pouter-pigeoned bodice and down turned waistline.

Keywords:  1904, Julia Carew, Julia Mary Lethbridge, Julia Mary Care, Lady Carew, Baroness Carew, Baroness, British, straight coiffure, braided chignon, tiara, earrings, necklace, pouter pigeon bodice, sweetheart neckline, lace bertha, cap upper puffed over-sleeves, lace quarter length close under-sleeves, bracelets, down turned waistline, close skirt

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