1914 Lucile evening dress details

From i-like-historical-clothing.blogspot.com-2013-01-silk-gown-1914.html. Also posted to the Designed by Lucile Albumette here.

1914 Lucile evening dress details From i-like-historical-clothing.blogspot.com-2013-01-silk-gown-1914.html

These are details from the dress seen in the last image.

Keywords:  1914, Lucy Duff Gordon as designer, Lucy Duff Gordon, Lucile, Lucy Sutherland, Lady Duff Gordon, over-bodice, vee neckline, tunic, elbow length notched full sleeves, fringe, under-bodice, strapless neckline, waist band, sash, natural high waistline, midi-length over-skirt, drapery, lace under-skirt, floral bodice ornament, floral skirt ornament

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