Hanna Krystyna Lubomirska by ? (location ?)

She was from the prominent Lubomirski family. According to her French-language Wikipedia article, she married Franciszek Stefan Sapieha and had seven children.

From pinterest.co.uk/wadysawpopiech/portrety-rzeczypospolitejpolish-lithuanian-commonw/; filled in shadows.Also posted to the End of the Era - 1684 to 1715 Album here.

Hanna Krystyna Lubomirska by ? (location ?) From pinterest.co.uk/wadysawpopiech/portrety-rzeczypospolitejpolish-lithuanian-commonw/ shadows

Hair has become curly and built up suggesting the period past 1680, but the towers of the fontanges are not obligatory - yet. The outer skirt is a robe wrapped over a lace-trimmed chemis on top and a white and a brocade under-skirt below.

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