Marie Antoinette in robe du cour by Claude-Louis Desrais and Deny

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Marie Antoinette in robe du cour by Claude-Louis Desrais and Deny UPGRADE From

This captioned print shows Marie Antoinette "dressed to the nines" in contemporary style in a dress so elaborate that jewelry is not needed. Her robes are formed into sleeves. Reunion des Musees Nationaux has reproduced this caption:  "Robe de cour garnie de perles, de guirlandes et de glands, avec manteau violet orne de fleurs de lys d'or, coiffee de perles, fleurs et aigrettes et epingles de diamants." ("Court dress trimmed with beads, garlands and tassels, with purple coat adorned with flowers of golden lilies, wearing pearls, feathers and flowers and diamond pins.”)

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