Princess Alexandra CDV

Upgrade image from eBay posted on 14 February 2019. Corners and edges fixed and flaws and spots in the background removed with Photoshop, the monocolor tint was removed, and the size increased by one quarter. See the next image for a colorized version of this photo. Also posted to her Subalbum here.

Princess Alexandra CDV by Ghemar Freres eBay UPGRADE fixed corners, edges, and background spots detint X 1.25

This is another view of the dress worn by Alexandra for her engagement photo. Her top is a short paletot.

Keywords:  1862, Ghémar Fréres, Queen Alexandra, Alexandra of Denmark, Alexandra af Danmark, Alexandra Carolina Marie Charlotte Louise Julia, prinsesse af Danmark, Princess of Wales, Queen of the United Kingdom, Glucksberg family, Welf family, Wettin family, Princess, Queen, Danish, straight hair, chignon, earrings, neck band, chemisette, high neckline, long under-sleeves, paletot, elbow length full over-sleeves, bracelets, crinoline

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