Grand Duchesses Maria Nikolaevna and Olga Nikolaevna

Grand Duchesses Maria Nikolaevna and Olga Nikolaevna are two hurluberlu-coiffured peas in a pod in this black and white print.

This illustrates how middle-1830s fashion played out in Russia. The sleeves have middle puffs and then either flare out or form large balloons at the bottoms. Fashions in the 1830s emphasized the shoulders, frills on these dresses run diagonally upward and outward from waist to shoulders just above the outer edges of the shoulders. Olga's dress could have a vee waistline given the lack of a belt at the waistline, but there's no telling what waistline Maria's dress has. Even strong detail-enhancement could not bring out a neckline, but I see a trace of an off shoulder straight neckline on Maria's dress (see this image for comparison).

Keywords:  Maria Nikolaevna, Olga Nikolaevna, Grand Duchess, Queen, Romanov family, Russian, hurluberlu coiffure, off shoulder straight neckline, full skirt

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