ca. 1750 Noblewoman by Sebastiano Ceccarini  (Walters Museum of Art - Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

From Wikimedia.


The Walters’ notes show that this is not a peasant woman. She wears a jeweled hair ornament and a jeweled bodice under a fur garment in this portrait. The notes:  "Turning her gaze towards the spectator with one hand resting on her hip, this noblewoman has a stately, matronly appearance that is intended to express personal discipline and dignity. Her lavish costume - with a scarf tied to her hair, a brocade dress set with pearls and a feather, and jeweled pendants-communicates her social status, as does the column, suggestive of a palatial setting, a compositional device developed during the 16th century to communicate aristocratic status.”

Keywords:  1750, Ceccarini, Italian, wavy coiffure, veil, bun, fur boa, vee neckline, bodice, chemis, trapezoidal neckline, elbow length flared sleeves, lace cuffs, bodice, quarter length notched full sleeves, fringe, girdle, vee waistline, full skirt, wrap, jeweled neckline, earrings, clasps, full skirt, fur boa

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