Présumé de la marquise de Llano dans un ovale peint by school of Anton Rafael Mengs (auctioned by Tajan)

From Tajan.

This is a gorgeous take on maja style with a gold hair net and gold trimmed-jacket over a gold-trimmed bodice. Her dress reminds me of the costumes worn by falleras in Valencia.

Keywords:  Mengs, Isabel Parreño Arce Ruiz de Alcaron y Valdes, marquesa de Llano, Isabel Maria Parreño Ruiz de Alarcón Arce y Valdés, Parreño Ruiz de Alarcón Arce y Valdés family, de Llano y Parreño family, Marquise, Spanish, floral hat, escoffion, fichu, vee neckline, over-bodice, square neckline, jacket, epaulettes, long close sleeves, cuffs, lace, apron, full skirt, necklace, earrings, jeweled bodice ornament, maja style

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