1776 Erzherzog Ferdinand Karl Anton und Maria Beatrix Riccarda von Este mit ihren Kindern Maria Leopoldine und Maria Theresia by Gaetano Mediolani Peregus (location unknown to gogm)

This work is in the custody of Austria's Bundesmobilienverwaltung, Federal Administration of Moveables. Maria Beatrice is holding Maria Leopoldina.

Coiffures are tall all around Europe in 1776 as can be seen in this Peregus portrait of Maria Beatrice Riccardia wearing a slate blue dress with dark brownish stripes.

Keywords:  Archduchess Maria Beatrice Ricciarda, Maria Leopoldine of Austria-Brazil, Maria Theresa of Austria-Este (1773–1832), Princess, Archduchess, Empress, Queen, Este family, Habsburg family, Bragança family, Savoia family, Italian, high straight coiffure, cap, square neckline, modesty piece, revers, stomacher, elbow length tight sleeves, engageantes, panniers, over-skirt, under-skirt, neck band, shoes

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