Maria Beatrice d'Este wife of Archduke Ferdinand by Martin van Meytens (Hoffburg, Innsbruck Austria) with frame wall

Empress Maria Theresia had van Meytens portray her daughter-in-law Maria Beatrice Ricciarda from the Este family.

Keywords:  van Meytens, Archduchess Maria Beatrice Ricciarda, Princess, Archduchess, Este family, Habsburg family, long high straight coiffure, jeweled headdress, hair jewelry, scoop neckline, modesty piece, lace, stomacher, elbow length close sleeves, forward-back flared engageantes, vee waistline, panniers, jeweled sleeves, jeweled arm bands, choker necklace, earrings, jeweled bodice ornament, bracelets, fan, robes

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