Lady Edward Bentinck, née Elizabeth Cumberland by George Romney (Lowell Lisbon Ltd.)

Lady Elizabeth is pretty and dressed splendidly, but her expression is that of an ice queen. She did have four children.

Lady Elizabeth's article in thepeerage is here.

From Lowell Lisbon that describes the portrait as, "Lady Edward Bentinck, née Elizabeth Cumberland, half-length, wearing a white dress, lace fichu and a large white hat with blue ribands and holding a muff."

Lady Elizabeth wears a bouffant coiffure in 1780s style under a pleated cap covered by her broad rimmed hat that is decorated with ruched panels matching her cape. Her hat is secured from the back with a broad panel of cloth that presumably ends with the blue bow. Her cape is enlarged in back suggesting she is wearing an expansive skirt such as a polonaise or circassienne. In an era without electric clothes washers or dry cleaners, white dresses were a sign of elevated status.

Keywords:  Romney, Elizabeth Cumberland, Cumberland family, Cavendish-Bentinck family, British, long bouffant coiffure, cap, pleats, ribboned hat, ruching, bows, cape, high neckline, muff, fur

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