Maria Theresia, Countess von Dietrichstein by Heinrich Friedrich Füger

Her Wikipedia article is here. She was born in 1768. She swept Emperor Joseph II off of his feet, a dubious feat since Joseph II was married to Empress Maria Theresia. While he was off fighting the Turks, this Maria Theresia was married off to Count Philipp Joseph Kinsky. The marriage was unhappy and he abandoned her. She became close to Maximillian von Merveldt, but she had to wait about nine years to marry him, waiting for papal approval. They married in St. Petersburg where he was serving as a diplomat.

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Maria Theresia, Countess von Dietrichstein by Heinrich Friedrich Füger

Given Maria Theresia’s date of birth, this portrait could date to about any time from 1783, confirmed by her coiffure. The dress is not a typical pre-Revolutionary style so this portrait could date to before or after 1789 or it could be theatrical dress.

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