The Great Cycle of Revolution and Evolution - 1789 - 1837

Fashion went through enormous gyrations from 1789 to 1801 when Napoleon established another monarchy with himself and his beautiful but unfaithful Empress Josephine on top. When he fell in 1815, fashion evolved until it was in many ways unchanged from 1788 with full skirts, vee waistlines, and luxurious fabrics. The restoration of traditional fashion coincided with the beginning of another monarch, this time in the United Kingdom - Queen Victoria.

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Grand Ladies of the Revolutionary, Napoleonic, Regency, and Early Romantic Eras

Anna Pavlovna (Paulowna), Queen of the Netherlands

Tsaritsa Alexandra Feodorovna (1798-1860)

Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna

Dorothée Courlande, Duchesse de Dino

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