1800s Daria Opochinina by ? (State Hermitage Museum - St. Petersburg Russia)

From Wikimedia; the image had a bariety of flaws, including a flaw on her bodice in the lower left side of the image, that were fixed with Photoshop by gogm. The portrait was also partially detached from a gold-painted oval frame that was replaced with Photoshop and Illustrator by gogm.

The conservation of fashion ideas, in this case the partlet, is shown in this portrait of Daria Koutousov.

Keywords:  1801, Vigée-Lebrun, Daria Koutousov, Kutuzov family, Opochin family, Princess, Russian, straight coiffure, high waistline, partlet, bodice, scoop neckline, close sleeves, necklace

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