1812 Maria Yakovleva by Vladimir Borovikovsky (Rostov Kremlin - Rostov, Yaroslavl Oblast Russia)

Google language tools gives this translation for the Russian Wikimedia caption - "Maria Yakovleva (1796 -?), Later married to Major-General Charles George Augustus Bistrom who died during the Russian-Turkish war. Great-granddaughter of millionaire industrialist S.Ya.Yakovleva, daughter N.M.Yakovleva (1761-1813) and a Georgian princely family of Darya Semyonovna Baratova.

Oil on canvas. 79h65. F-576 Bottom left: Pisal V.Borovikovskiy

Post. in 1996 from the State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSIZO"/Rostov Kremlin."

From all-art.org/DICTIONARY_of_Art/b/Borovikovsky4.htm.

Many references to this portrait list the creation date as 1796, but the Wikimedia caption dates this to 1812 which is more in keeping with Maria's Empire-, not Directoire-style dress. Her hair is made into a bun above a curly base while her dress has slashed sleeves and a jeweled bodice ornament hugging the bottom of her bust.

Keywords:  1812, Borovikovsky, Maria Yakovleva, Yakovlev family, Russian, curly coiffure, bun, modesty piece, lace, square neckline, over-bodice, quarter length puffed sleeves, slashed sleeves, Empire waistline, jeweled bodice ornament

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