1814 Alexei Alexandrovich and Alexandra Gregorievna, née Kusheleva, Lobanov-Rostovsky by Vladimir Borovikovsky (State Russian Museum - St. Petersburg Russia)

Finding out about this Alexei Alexandrovich Lobanov-Rostovsky was difficult. A famous Russian diplomat one generation younger shared the name. However, I found a citation here, level VII 64.

From oldrags.tumblr.com/tagged/1810%27s/page/5; middle of upper edge fixed with Photoshop by gogm.

The contrast between men's and women's fashion is obvious. Prince Alexei is almost hidden by his collar while Princess Alexandra wears an open neck dress with a lace epaulettes and lapels for its criss-cross bodice over a chemise with a lace ruff. The criss cross bodice is picked up on her left side by a lace panel running towards her hem that is covered by the de rigueur wrap.

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