1820 Countess Maria Musina Pushkina, née Princess Urusova by ? (location unknown to gogm)

According to her genealogical sketch, she was married to Count Ivan Alexeevich Count Musin-Pushkin and then Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov. The Russian-language Wikipedia article for Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov has this (Google translated), "On 17 July 1838, 40-year-old Gorchakov married 37-year-old Maria Aleksandrovna Musina-Pushkina (Urusova) (1801-1853), the daughter of A. M. Urusov; widow of I. A. Musin-Pushkin; and the niece of his superior D. P. Tatishchev. (She was) a Moscow beauty who was fascinated by Pushkin, thus acquiring a stepdaughter and four stepchildren, including Alexander Musin-Pushkin. For the sake of this marriage, he had to retire and for some time and leave the diplomatic service. They had sons Michael (1839-1897) and Constantine (1841-1926)."

From Wikimedia.

Countess Pushkina wears a simple white dress decorated with a lace modesty piece and cuffs, and an order bow with a jeweled monogram (AF?).

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