1820s Countess Praskovya Petrovna Kutaisova, née Lopukhin by Johann Rombauer (location unknown to gogm)

I can find nothing about her other than she lived from 1784 to 1870 and that she married Count Pavel Ivanovich Kutaisov (1780-1840).

From Wikimedia.

This dress is early 1820s based on the close skirt that has no trace of an A-line. Her dress is a pullover with criss-cross bodice and flap reaching to the hem, all held in Directoire style by a waist band.She wears a chemise that supplied her lace cherusque and cuffs.

Keywords:  Rombauer, Praskovya Lopukhin, Lopukhin family, Kutaisov family, Countess, Russian, curly coiffure, braided bun, chemise, trapezoidal waistline, neckline ruff, lace, over-dress, vee neckline, criss-cross bodice, long tapered sleeves, cuffs, waist band, close skirt, gloves, wrap

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