1832 Giovanina and Amacilia Pacini, the Foster Children of Countess Yu. P. Samoilova by Karl Brullov (State Tretyakov Gallery, Moskva Russia)

Amacilia Pacini's genealogical sketch can be seen here.

A broad collar reaches out to where sleeves join bodice in this 1832 Karl Brullov double portrait. The rider's hat scarf trails seemingly forever.

Keywords:  1832, Brullov - Karl, Giovanina Pacini, Giovannina Pacini, Amacilia Pacini, Pacini family, hurluberlu coiffure, hat, scarf, high neckline, collar, lace, Gigot sleeves, pelisse bodice, waist band, natural waistline, full skirt, equestrian

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