ca. 1829 Countess Tolstoy by Alexander Bryullov (location ?)

An 1830 portrait, this image, naming the sitter as Elisabeth Alexeevna Tolstoy was posted first, while I found this listed only as Countess Tolstoy, but the faces match.

I can find nothing about her. According to this Wikipedia article, her husband fought in the Napoléonic wars, losing a hand and suffering other wounds. After the wars he left Russia to spend his time in Italy and Switzerland. The article continues, "Count Osterman-Tolstoy was married to Princess Elisabeth Alexeevna Galitzine (1779–1853) from 1799; they had no children. He had foreign mistresses and a lot of illegitimate children. There is an engraving, published in Pisa in 1827, on which Count Osterman-Tolstoy is depicted sitting beside a pram with a sleeping baby and two older children playing nearby; the inscription says, ‘Je me flatte que c’est les derniers faries (sic). A 55 ans il est temps de faire la clôture.’ (I flatter myself with the thought that it’s my last extravagancy. At the age of 55 one must stop).”


ca. 1829 Countess Tolstoy by  Alexander Bryullov  (location ?) From

The Countess sports a coiffure that resembles the key of a wind-up toy while wearing a dress with a sawtooth bertha. Fashion plates of the era, like this one, emphasized the broad shoulders.

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