1724 Dress worn by Catherine I (Kremlin Museums - Moskva Russia)

The word "Kremlin" conjured up images evil; the word means citadel and is associated with the one in Moskva where this dress is kept. It looks like she gained some weight somewhere.

The round skirt of this dress was referred to as a flying dress ("robe volant") supported by bell panniers to produce the dome shape ("à cupole"). According to François Boucher 20,000 Years of Fashion, 1987 ed. p.205 hoops or baskets (Fr. "panniers") entered widespread use around 1715. Bell-shaped skirts like this did not persist in the 1700s, they would reappear and persist in the mid-1800s supported by starched petticoats, then horsehair-linen composite ("crinoline"), and finally by hoops also called "crinolines." Hoops were used in evening and wedding dresses after World War II. This dress probably was trimmed with some sort of modesty piece/bertha and engageantes/cuffs when it was worn.

Keywords:  1724, Tsaritsa Catherine I, Tsaritsa, Romanov family, Russian, scoop neckline, modesty piece, lace, quarter length close sleeves, vee waistline, panniers, under-skirt, robe volant

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