ca. 1724 Empress Catherine I of Russia, by Heinrich Buchholz (Hermitage)

I doubt that an illiterate person, no matter how smart, could wind up running a developed country today, although President (George W.) Bush simulated illiteracy.

The sleeves were the last part of dress to move past Louis XIV, the engageantes emerge from notches in the puffy sleeves held by clasps.

Keywords:  1724, Bucholz, Tsaritsa Catherine I, Tsaritsa, Romanov family, Russian, long straight coiffure, crown, hair jewelry, scoop neckline, modesty piece, lace, elbow length notched puffed sleeves, engageantes, girdle, vee waistline, panniers, under-skirt, order sash, order star, Sévigné bodice ornament, robes, regalia

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