1891 Belle Bilton Countess Clancarty Lady Dunlo

This is her article from thepeerage:  "Maude Penrice Bilton F, #71970, d. 31 December 1906

Maude Penrice Bilton married William Frederick Le Poer Trench, 5th Earl of Clancarty, son of Richard Somerset Le Poer Trench, 4th Earl of Clancarty and Lady Adeliza Georgiana Hervey, on 10 July 1889 at Registrar's Office, Hampstead, London, England. She died on 31 December 1906 at Garbally, County Galway, Ireland, from cancer. She was buried on 3 January 1907 at St. John's Church, Garbally, County Galway, Ireland.

She was the daughter of John George Bilton. She was an actress at the Empire Theatre. She was also known as Isabel. From 10 July 1889, her married name became Le Poer Trench. As a result of her marriage, Maude Penrice Bilton was styled as Countess of Clancarty on 29 May 1891.

Child of Maude Penrice Bilton and Alden Carter Weston

Isidor Alden Cleveland Weston b. 1888

Children of Maude Penrice Bilton and William Frederick Le Poer Trench, 5th Earl of Clancarty

Richard Frederick John Donough Le Poer Trench, 6th Earl of Clancarty+ b. 27 Dec 1891, d. 5 Jun 1971

Hon. Power Francis William Le Poer Trench b. 27 Dec 1891, d. 9 Jun 1894

Lady Beryl Franziska Kathleen Bianca Le Poer Trench b. 8 Oct 1893, d. 17 May 1957

Hon. Roderic Charles Berkeley Le Poer Trench b. 19 Oct 1895, d. 23 Jan 1937

Greville Sydney Rochfort Le Poer Trench, 7th Earl of Clancarty b. 10 Dec 1902, d. 15 Sep 1975."

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1891 Belle Bilton Countess Clancarty Lady Dunlo article from bonanza.com

Billie Bilton didn't need aristocratic genes, just good looks genes, to become a Countess.

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