1894 Adolphus of Teck and Lady Margaret Grosvenor

The article accompanying this image included this paragraph:  "...Appearance Of The Bride 

The bride, who entered the chapel on the arm of her father, cannot be classed as a beauty. Her face is rather heavy, and much resembles that of her mother, the former Lady Constance Gertrude Leveson-Gower, daughter of the Duke of Sutherland, but her beautiful complexion, golden hair, and blue eyes, redeem the un-classical outlines of her face. Lady Margaret, now Princess Adolphus of Teck, is five years younger than her husband, and is said to be very clever and accomplished. She was attended by six bridesmaids, all chosen from her own family. They were her half-sisters, Lady Mary Grosvenor, aged eleven, and Lady Helen Grosvenor, aged six – and her four nieces – Lady Constance Grosvenor, daughter of the Earl and Countess Grosvenor; Millicent Grosvenor, daughter of Lord Henry Grosvenor; Lady Beatrice Butler, daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Ormonde, and the Hon. Lilah Cavendish, daughter of Lord and Lady Chesham..."

The groom's sister Mary married the future King George V to become Queen Mary.

Her article in thepeerage is here. Her Wikipedia article is here. The Teck title was renounced during World War I.

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1894 Adolphus of Teck and Lady Margaret Grosvenor From theesotericcuriosa.blogspot.com

The article accompanying this image also included this paragraph:  "...The Bridal Gown

The chapel at Eaton Hall, though small, is richly magnificent in its beauty, and was made still more brilliant by the bridal procession, the wedding being a 'blue and white' one. Lady Margaret wore a splendid white satin gown, somewhat severe in style, Brussels lace, that must have been worth a farmer’s fortune, and the ever necessary orange blossoms.  The bridesmaids were dressed in white thick colored glace ondine silk, which had a very rich appearance. Their dresses had pointed vests of white pleated chiffon, lost beneath girdles of pale sky blue velvet. The vests were bordered own either side with bands of thick cream colored Italian lace. They wore folded collars of blue velvet, narrowly edged with sable, and the long narrow cuffs from the elbows were finished with bands of blue velvet, narrowly edged with similar fur. The top portions of the sleeves, arranged in ample hanging puffs from the shoulders to the elbows, were of accordion pleated chiffon, having bands of the lace inserted down them at intervals. The little girls’ dresses were similar in all respects, save that the whole bodices were of accordion pleated chiffon, with points of the rich looking cream colored lace inserted down both bodice and sleeves, while, instead of velvet girdles, the child bridesmaids wore sashes of pale sky blue silk, tied at the back in large handsome bows. The hats were of ivory white felt, with soft round Tudor crowns of pale sky blue velvet. The brims were lifted at one side, and caught up with groups of snowy ostrich plumes, while similar plumes were laid upon the brim at the back. The bridesmaids wore heart brooches of blue and white enamel, gifts of the bridegroom. The only deviation from pale blue and white – the blue being the favorite color of the bride – was the bouquet of the bridesmaids, which were of pink carnations from the Eaton Hall conservatories..."

Large parts of Lady Margaret's dress are concealed so the keywords are taken from the next and this image.

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