1897 Gathering of aristocrats

Here's the caption from http://www.downmemorylane.me.uk/Randalstown%20S1:  "This group photograph taken in 1897 was to celebrate the visit of Their Excellencies Lord and Lady Cadogan to Shane's Castle.

At the back on the left is the Hon. Gerald Cadogan, Hon Arthur O'Neill, Hon. Henrietta O'Neill, Marquis of Dufferin and Ava, Hon. R. O'Neill M.P., Lady Gertrude Langton, Earl Temple and Sir William Kaye.

Seated are Countess Temple, Lady Hermione Blackwood, Countess Cadogan, Lord O'Neill, Earl Cadogan, Lady O'Neill, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava and Lady Magheramorne."

1897 Gathering of aristocrats from www.downmemorylane.me.uk:Randalstown%20S1

The era of high sleeves is already over in 1897. Two Ladies, one in back and one to the right in front, wear mild leg-o-mutton sleeves. Two in the front row wear upper puffed sleeves. Two Ladies in the center have slightly raised upper sleeves. All wear close or A-line skirts. Most wear jackets all dresses appear to have natural waistlines. Many wear small top knots.

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