1898 Baroness Christine von Linden by the Lafayette Photographic Studio

The Victoria and Albert Museum and collaborating business put together an outstanding on-line exhibit of photographs, including court and debutante dresses, taken by the Lafayette Photographic Studio about a decade ago. That on-line exhibit was removed and a limited exhibit remains. They did not want those photos posted and I had to take them down when I had posted them several years ago. I was accused of posting images from their exhibit more recently when I had found the image elsewhere on the Internet. Others have found these images. This and a number of other images are posted on liveinternet.ru/users/arin_levindor/post113079788/.

The current limited exhibit has these notes, "Only daughter of Baron Adh?mar von Linden, Chamberlain to the Emperor of Austria Occasion: The Drawing Room, 13 May 1898: presented in the Diplomatic Circle by Mme. de Bille, wife of the Danish Minister." I cannot find anything about her or Adhümar von Linden in thepeerage or on Google.

1898 Baroness Christine von Linden by the Lafayette Photographic Studio From www.liveinternet.ru:users:arin levindor:post113079788:

The note from the original exhibit for this photo follows, "an undergown of white chiffon over white satin, with lace insertions and frills of chiffon, edged bébé satin ribbons, and long sash ends of chiffon; train of white satin duchesse with white chiffon and lilies of the valley." (see: The Gentlewoman, 21 May 1898, p 722b).

Keywords:  1898, Lafayette, Christine von Linden, Baroness, British, curly coiffure, feathered headdress, veil, square neckline, bertha, strap sleeves, waist band, natural waistline, close skirt, ruffles, lace, train, floral bodice ornament, floral skirt ornament, necklace, gloves, debutante dress

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