Elisabeth and Helena of Waldeck

Elisabeth was the youngest of the Waldeck Pyrmont children. Her sisters, save Sophie Nikoline who died at the age of 15, are covered elsewhere on this Site - Pauline, Marie, Emma, and Helena.

From www.123people.de/s/elisabeth+waldeck. The Internet image is from a seriously injured card that was repaired by gogm with Photoshop, particularly on the left side of the tabbed overhang of Elisabeth's bodice and the middle of the adjacent upper arm. Spots and other tears in the background were also fixed with Photoshop, Spots throughout the image were removed with Photoshop and the sepia tone was removed by gogm. The image was enlarged by half by gogm.

Elisabeth and Helena of Waldeck from www.123people.de:s:elisabeth+waldeck

I wonder what the dressmaker felt when asked to produce this pair of synchronized dresses. Dating this is difficult - the waistline and bustle features normally used are absent. Elisabeth was born in 1873, Helena in 1861 (with Friedrich born in between). So this could be a photo of about 17-year old Elisabeth from 1890 or about 27-year old Elisabeth from 1900. The waistlines and bodices support dating this as being from about 1900.

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