1913 Baroness de Guestre seated by stairs

From the USA Library of Congress Bain collection via flickr; a Bain logotype and spots were removed with Photoshop by gogm and the image was darkened considerably to bring out bodice and skirt details.

1913 Baroness de Guestre seated by stairs LC Bain via flickr Bain logo removed despotted

The Baroness wears the same headdress and sandals as in the preceding images, but a pale-colored dress with tiers of tassels for decoration.

Keywords:  1913, Baroness de Guestre, Baroness, French, straight coiffure, hair ornament, trapezoidal neckline, bertha, tassels, strap sleeves, natural high waistline, tight skirt, flounces, necklace, earrings, sandals

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