1911 Duchess of Fife, Princesses Alexandra and Maude

The Duchess of Fife, Alexandra, married the Duchess of Connaught's son Arthur. Her sister Maud became Countess of Southesk. Princess Alexandra became Duchess of Fife when her father died after a shipwreck and illness without a male heir.

From the USA Library of Congress Bain Collection; detail enhanced by gogm. See the next image for what this looks like before cropping and detail-enhancement.

1911 Princess Maud, Duchess of Fife, and Princess Alexandra closeup LCBain fixed spots in background and Maud with Photoshop

It took a while for the blouson waist to subside, but it has gone by 1911 while waist bands, for natural waistlines, and necklines remain in use.

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