1911 Princess Maud, Duchess of Fife, and Princess Alexandra

Duchess and Princess Royal Louise is the subject of a Subalbum.

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1911 Princess Maud, Duchess of Fife, and Princess Alexandra detint

The Duchess' dress has a tightlaced, but otherwise natural, waistline while all three dresses have waist bands. Louise's dress has a high enclosing neckline and two pairs of bands of colored material coming down from the shoulders, the outer band reaches the waist band while the other appears to end at or beneath a stomacher panel. Alexandra's dress has a square neckline with a stomacher panel bounded by lace panels under a bertha. Alexandra's dress has a gauzy over-bodice with a vee enckline over a high-necked under-bodice. Louise's dress appears to be beaded while Maud's sleeves have a darker vertical rib and contrasting ruffles. Alexandra's sleeves each have two gathers.

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