SUBALBUM:  Queen Alexandrine of Denmark

When the Nazis occupied Denmark, all began well but things rapidly went downhill from there (for the Nazis). The Royal Family caused them significant problems, including Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, sister of Crown Princess Cecilie and wife of King Christian X of Denmark. She set the tone eloquently as related by her Wikipedia article:  "Her rejection of General Kaupisch on 9 April 1940 became a symbol for her loyalty toward Denmark before her birth country Germany. When the General of the occupation forces first asked for an audience with the monarch, Christian was persuaded to receive him by his daughter-in-law as he would any other, which was supported by Alexandrine. He asked to do so alone, but Alexandrine told him she would interrupt them. When the General was about to leave, she came in; and when he greeted her, she said: 'General, this is not the circumstance in which I expected to greet a countryman.'" Maybe the only more eloquent show of disdain for the Nazis came from Anthony McAuliffe when he said, "Nuts."

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