ca. 1901 Queen Wilhelmina and Hendrik of Netherlands

From eBay; color was removed from the photograph and the frame redone, using the original colors, with Photoshop by gogm. Most color removal on this Site is done using the standard Apple Preview software, but the photo of this image was decolorized with Photoshop.

ca. 1901 Queen Wilhelmina and Hendrik of The Netherlands EB

Queen Wilhelmina's blouse is visible through her opened jacket and it lacks the blouson swelling. Her jacket has a high collar rising 10 or more cm above the visible parts of her shoulders.

Keywords:  1901, Steenmeijer, Queen Wilhelmina, Orange family, Queen, straight coiffure, floral hat, blouse, high enclosing neckline, jacket, collar, lapels, long close sleeves, shallow vee waistline, close skirt, parasol

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