1887 Portrait of Empress maria Feodorovna by N. G. Schilder (Kursk Provincial Picture Gallery)

Kursk, where this portrait is kept, is a Russian city held by the old USSR that was surrounded on three sides by Nazi forces in 1943 that the Nazis sought to conquer. The Soviets fortified the entire area and, as expected, the Nazis attempted to seize Kursk. The Nazis bogged down in Soviet defenses and then lost the biggest tank mêlée of all time. The war in Russia went downhill for the Nazis from Kursk all the way to Berlin. The Soviets and Russians honored Kursk with a major cruise missile carrying submarine that sank due to a chemical explosion in 2000. The sub was salvaged in 2001 and the remains of the crew are now interred in Russia.

Maria Feodorovna wears a black lace scarf and a gold pin on an ochre-colored dress in this 1887 portrait by Schilder.

Keywords:  1887, Schilder, Maria Feodorovna (1847-1928), Princess, Tsaritsa, Glucksberg family, Romanov family, Russian, curly coiffure, chemisette, collar, high enclosing neckline, scarf, lace, long close sleeves, pin

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