1898 pink and gold dress for Maria Feodorovna of moiré with a woven silk pattern, chiffon and lace by Worth (Hermitage)

Elizabeth Ann Coleman wrote in The Opulent Era — Fashions of Worth, Doucet and Pingat pp. 68-69 (1989), "Charles Frederick Worth made it a principle to encourage the various industries related to the dressmaking trades in France in response to the ongoing support he received from them. The greatest benefactors were to be the textile mills in Lyon. Worth and his heirs sought to bring renewed and continuing prosperity to this city long famed for its fine textile commodities. Upon the death of Charles Frederick, one of the first actions of the Worth sons was to send a substantial order for the most magnificent materials known to the silk manufacturers of Lyon, affirming that the house would carry on its tradition of employing only the very best. For the next twenty years, up to World War I, singular fabrics were one of the glories of Maison Worth." The attention paid by Worth to opulent materials shows in this dress worn by Maria Feodorovna in 1898.

Keywords:  1898, Worth, Maria Feodorovna (1847-1928), Princess, Tsaritsa, Glucksberg family, Romanov family, vee neckline, modesty piece, bertha, lace, strap sleeves, criss-cross bodice, downturned waistline, A-line skirt, bustle, ruffles

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