SUBALBUM:  Countess Marie Larisch

Countess Marie Louise Larisch von Moennich was the illegitimate daughter of Bavarian Duke Ludwig Wilhelm of Bavaria, making her Empress Elisabeth’s niece. According to her Wikipedia article, "Countess Marie Louise Larisch von Moennich (also known as Countess Marie Louise Larisch-Wallersee and Countess Marie Larisch) (24 February 1858 - 4 July 1940) was the niece and confidante of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. She was a go-between for her married cousin Crown Prince Rudolf and his mistress Baroness Mary Vetsera, a friend of hers...With the revelation of her role in (the 1889 Mayerling incident, a probable suicide by Crown Prince Rudolf and Baroness Vetsera) the Countess was shunned in particular by the Empress and the rest of the Imperial Family. As a consequence she was also snubbed by society. Later in life she was nominally the author of a series of ghostwritten books about the Imperial household…

...Marie met and conversed with the poet T. S. Eliot, and part of their conversation found its way into his epochal poem The Waste Land…”

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