SUBALBUM:  Princess Beatrice of Britain

Princess Beatrice was almost a footnote of history. Her mother Queen Victoria intended that Beatrice never marry, but Beatrice insisted so Queen Victoria relented. Beatrice married Heinrich of Battenberg and bore four children. Her daughter, named Victoria Eugenie after her mother and Empress Eugenie, was exceptionally beautiful and caught the affections of King Alfonso XIII of Spain. The present Spanish royal family are the descendants of Beatrice and Alfonso XIII. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Princess Beatrice's life shows how dynastic marriages became irrelevant. She came from an all-German household in Great Britain, had a German Kaiser as a Godfather, and married a German Prince. But she lost her youngest son Maurice serving with the British army fighting the German army in the Ypres salient in 1914. She also lived long enough to see German bombers, cruise missiles (V-1 "buzz bombs"), and Scud-like V-2s  attack Great Britain.

She was beautiful as a girl, handsome as a woman, and always regal and elegant.

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