Daisy of Pless by ? (location ?)


This could be Daisy’s coming out dress or one she wore while trawling for a mate. Girls came out when they were considered ready for marriage. Assuming this was about age 17 and she was born in 1873, this would be from around 1890. She is wearing an order sash and bow. These could be for the Orders of the Crown of India or Star of India. If these are German (the Bavarian Royal Order of Theresa, for example), then this portrait is probably from after her wedding date in 1891. These are not leg-o-mutton sleeves so this portrait would probably date to the 1880s when sweetheart necklines like this were fashionable. Also, three-feather headdresses were required for British débutantes.

From theesotericcuriosa.blogspot.com/2014/09/good-enough-for-her-future-prince.html.

Daisy of Pless by ? (location ?) From theesotericcuriosa.blogspot.com/2014/09/good-enough-for-her-future-prince.html

Daisy appears as an ethereal vision in a late 1880s-style dress with a deep neckline.

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