1898 Louise Fife and daughters going fishing

Posted to the Alexander Palace Time Machine Discussion Forum by CountessKate on 5 September 2011.

Gone Fishin'

1898 Louise Fife and daughters going fishing APFxCountessKate 5Sep11

CountessKate offered this caption when she posted the image, "A nice photo of Louise Fife and her daughters in 1898, all with fishing rods!  Their costumes don't appear to be optimal for the sport......."

Keywords:  1898, W. & D. Downey, Princess Royal Louise, Wettin family, Windsor family, Fife family, Princess, Duchess, British, feathered hat, chemisette, high enclosing neckline, tie, jacket, long tight sleeves, cuffs, buttons, A-line skirt, maxi length skirt, shoes

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