Duke and Duchess of Fife with children

Posted to Foro Dinastias by Blanca on 11 March 2012; sepia tone removed and image enlarged by one quarter by gogm.

The previous photo and the girls' coats allow this photo to be dated to ca. 1908. The bodice of the Princess' trim driss is decorated with appliqué as are the cuffs. I cannot identify whether the vertical serpentine bands of the bodice are jacket trim or part of the bodice, but they appear to be part of the bodice. She is wearing a blouse, based on the sleeves emerging from the cuffs of her bodice or jacket sleeves.

Keywords:  1908, W. & D. Downey, Princess Royal Louise, Wettin family, Windsor family, Fife family, Princess, Duchess, British, straight coiffure, hat, high enclosing neckline, long tight sleeves, blouse, blouson waistline, close skirt, boa, parasol

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