Florentine Lady, believed to be Eleonora de Medici, descendent of Eleonora de Toledo by Alessandro Allori (Fundação Cultural Ema Gordon Klabin - Sao Paulo Brazil)


Eleonora de Medici was Eleonora de Toledo and Cosimo I de Medici's daughter. Renaissance Italy could be very dangerous. She was married off to  Paolo Giordan Orsini for dynastic purposes. According to her Wikipedia article, "Following the death of her father, Isabella was murdered with the complicity of her husband and brother, possibly in retribution for her relationship with Paolo Giordano's cousin Troilo Orsini." She had a son and a daughter by Paolo Orsini.

From Wikimedia.

Eleonora de Medici's dress has a green velvet collar with edge ruffled into something like a ruff, rolled sleeves with puffed cloth ornaments, and a chemise and under-bodice in this Allori portrait.

Keywords:  Allori, straight coiffure, circlet, hair jewelry, modesty piece, trapezoidal neckline, under-bodice, over-bodice, vee neckline, collar, rolled sleeves, slashed sleeves, necklace

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