ca. 1545 Katherine Parr, once often called Lady Jane Grey by ? (National Portrait Gallery - London, UK)

This is another well-known portrait of Katherine Parr wearing a gorgeous mid-century gown.

ca. 1545 Katherine Parr, once often called Lady Jane Grey by ? (National Portrait Gallery - London, UK)

This is a superb image of an early, conical, Spanish farthingale gown. In the keywords, "farthingale" means this kind of, or "Spanish," farthingale.

This image is widely distributed and could be called an Internet standard, but the description cited here, as well as Norris', don't agree with this gold-hued bodice and skirt image. According to Ribeiro and Cumming, The Visual History of Costume, p. 80 (1989), "This full-length portrait reveals that a new silouette has evolved. The triangular shape of the bodice is balanced by the inverted triangular appearance of the lower lower part of the body, the stiff, smooth lines of which are dictated by the recently introduced Spanish farthingale worn beneath. Head-Lady Jane wears a French hood with elaborate upper and nether billiments of gold and pearl with a crimped border. Body-The low cut and slightly curved neckline of the silver brocade bodice extends into a V-shape below the waist. The funnel-shaped sleeves, attached to the bodice, are turned back to reveal the lining of lynx fur, and undersleeves of crimson and gold brocade decorated with pearls and gold braid. The undersleeve is cut with a deep, lower curve from elbow to wrist, and the edge is caught together at intervals with aiglettes. The embroidered chemise sleeve has been drawn through these gaps, and is edged with a wrist frill. The silver brocade overskirt is lined, like the sleeves with lynx fur; it is worn with a forepart to match the undersleeves. Accessories- A necklace with pearl drops and a large pendant hangs round the neck, and a narrowe jewelled chindisappears into the bodice. From a jeweled girdle placed around the lower edge of the bodice hangs a chain of antique cameos with a tassel at the end."

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