1598 Dress of Pfalzgrafin Dorothea Sabina (Bayerisches Nationalmuseum - München, Bayern Germany)

All I can find is this from royaltyguide.nl, her parents were "Philipp Ludwig X 1574 Anna of Jülich, Kleve and Berg." More seems to be known about this dress than about her.

From Lady Petronilla's photostream on flickr; the dress appeared to be deep maroon with gold trim, but added lightness suggests that it is a matte gold or reddish gold with shinier gold trim. The second  photo has a veiling reflection (unavoidable under anything other than ideal staged circumstances) in the upper left portion.

Dorothea Sabina was buried in this dress. This is a saya minus the ruff with false and hanging sleeves, but limited or no farthingale, perhaps just a bum roll.

Keywords:  1598, Dorothea von Pfalz-Neuburg, Wittelsbach family, German, high enclosing neckline, hanging sleeves, false sleeves, tabbed bodice, vee neckline, over-skirt

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