1599 Lady Margaret, Daughter of Sir William Dormer, Wife of Sir Henry Constable by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (Burton Constable Hall - Skirlaugh East Yorkshire UK)

She came from the Catholic Dormer family. This is her brief article from A Who's Who of Tudor Women, "Margaret Dormer was the daughter of William Dormer of Eythrope, Buckinghamshire (1503-May 17, 1575) and his second wife, Dorothy Catesby (c.1527-September 30, 1613). In a marriage settlement dated October 20, 1578, she married Sir Henry Constable of Burton Constable, Holderness, Yorkshire (c.1551-December 15,1607) and as Lady Constable was a notable recusant who spent time in prison in 1592, 1593, 1595, and 1607. She raised her children—Catherine (c.1579-1626), Dorothy (1580-March 26, 1632), Henry (c.1582-1645), Margaret (c.1582-February 27, 1662/3), John (b.c. 1589), and Mary (c.1586-April 17, 1669+)—as pious Roman Catholics."

Recusant means a person who refused to attend Church of England services, not what USA judges Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas should do whenever a case arises involving the privileges of moneyed people to tamper with politics.

The title is demeaning - daughter of one man and wife of another. She spent a lot of time in the calaboose for someone who can't exist on her own.

From bbc.co; lightness added by gogm in an unsuccessful effort to bring out details of Lady Margaret's dress.

Lady Margaret's ruff cups her head in deeply goffered folds to the sides that appear to descend behind her head. This picture raises the issue of how a Lady wearing a ruff could eat.

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