1610s Yolande de Ligne by ? (Weiss Gallery)

This is one of a pair of portraits on offer by Weiss, "Charles-Alexandre de Croÿ, Marquis d'Havré and Duc de Croÿ (1581 - 1624) and His first wife Yolande de Ligne (1585 - 1611)." Their notes provide biographical information about them both.

The dog does not look very happy.

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1610s Yolande de Ligne by ? (Weiss Gallery)

Weiss' notes for the portrait include, "Her gown is made of Italian silk (bearing a red foliate pattern on a silver ground) trimmed with horizontal rows of gold braid. The long pointed line of her bodice confirms that the costume predates 1620 – by that date it would have been more relaxed, with a waist at a natural level. She is wearing a great many pearls − two strings at her neck, at least three looped around the front of her bodice, and finally two strings of pearls at each wrist." This portrait shows the gorgeous brocades, jewels and laces. Her dress has a wheel farthingale with an arrow-shaped top section as well as a ruff and a collar edged with reticella lace that come from the last century while the balloon sleeves persisted well into the seventeenth century.

Keywords:  Yolande de Ligne, de Ligne family, de Croy family, Duchess, curly coiffure, ribbon headdress, vee neckline, collar, lace, ruff, bertha, bows, long balloon sleeves, slashed sleeves, arm bands, back-flared cuffs, deep vee waistline, wheel farthingale, over-skirt, maxi-length skirt, shoes, necklace, jeweled bodice ornament, brooch, earrings, bracelets

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