ca. 1546 Elizabeth I when Princess by William Scrots (?) (Royal Collection)


This 1546 painting is an early portrait of Princess Elizabeth.

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The Wikipedia article for William Scrots is here.

ca. 1546 Elizabeth I when Princess by William Scrots (?) (Royal Collection) From UPGRADE

The English preferred sleeves that were puffed around the lower arms as shown by the portraits of her sister Mary I. Elizabeth here wears a French hood.

Herbert Norris describes this portrait in Tudor Costune and Fashion, p. 285-286 (Dover re-issue 1997) - "In it she is shown wearing a costume made of red and gold brocade, tge sleeves being lined and turned back with crimson velvet. The false sleeves appear to be gold tissue, the cuttes being outlined by narrow black velvet. The French hood with its pearl decoration and the Princess' jewelry, should be a subject of careful study."

"The gown, including the turned back sleeves, is of crimson cloth of gold damsk. Note that the sleeves are cut very close fittingat the top of the upper arm. The elongated false sleeves, ornamented with cuttes of jewels in gold mounts surrounded with pearls, and the underskirt are both of silver-grey satin with 'the woorks,' i.e., embroidered with a raised pattern in gold."

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