Christine de France à cheval engraving 17th century

From Bibliothèque nationale de France via Wikimedia; sepia tone removed.

Christine de France à cheval engraving 17th century Bibliothèque nationale de France via Wikimedia detint

Christine wears a jacket or jacket bodice, a skirt, and a petticoat in this print. Her complex sleeves match the style for non-equestrian and non-military dress. Her Ladies-in-Waiting wear similar dresses.

Keywords:  Christine de France, Christine Marie de France, Madame Royale, Princess of Piedmont, Princess, Duchess, Bourbon family, Savoia family, curly coiffure, feathered hat, jacket, off shoulder scoop neckline, bertha, quarter length puffed over-sleeves, elbow length full under-sleeves, forward-back flared cuffs, buttons, skirt, petticoat, gloves, shoes, equestrian dress

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