ca. 1620 Elizabeth (Vernon), Countess of Southampton by ? (National Portrait Gallery - London UK)

From Wikipedia; spots removed in dark areas throughout image and flaws in the lower part of the left edge, right side of the upper edge and the right edge fixed with Photoshop by gogm in upgrade post of 30 August 2012.

The portraitist show an example of lace on the verge of a technical breakthrough and the balloon sleeves characteristic of the 1620s. Her dark over-bodice and sleeves are slashed to reveal salmon-colored material beneath. Her cuffs look more like gauntlets.

Keywords:  1620, Elizabeth Vernon, Vernon family, Wriothesley family, Lady-in-waiting, Countess, British, straight coiffure, floral lace jeweled headdress, neck ruff,  slashed bodice, balloon sleeves, back-flared cuffs, lace, girdle, vee waistline, earrings, jeweled bodice ornament, pendant

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