1606 Lucy Harington by Inigo Jones (location unknown to gogm)

This tiny image is included because of Lucy Harrington's almost midi-length skirt. Her sleeve has spiral decoration while her ruff has a triangular shape after arising from her scoop neckline. Her skirt is flattened at the top - a residual nod to the wheel or French farthingale. Her dress may also have a stomacher in the form of a flattened vee under an inverted vee; this may also be the result of wearing a jacket over her bodice. A diaphanous veil is set behind her.

Keywords:  1606, Jones - Inigo, Countess, Lucy Harrington Russell, Harington family, Russell family, British, frizzy coiffure, cap, feathered headdress, veil, scoop neckline, ruff, lace, bertha, stomacher, revers, long close sleeves, back-flared cuffs, flared skirt, maxi length skirt, shoes, shoe ornaments, theatrical dress

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